Thank you to our friends and customers. In order to keep everybody as safe as possible, staff included we have closed completely. We look forward to seeing everybody fit and well when this awful situation resolves.

Peace and be safe

Nick & Julie, Chris & Mandy, Nigel & Laura, Jimmy & Marlene, Mark , Damien, Paul, Shelly, Radek, John, Rebecca, Oliver, Terry

Bar Food In Leigh

Fresh Food in Leigh!

We only cook food from fresh raw ingredients.

From our melt in the mouth braised steak, we cook this for 4 hours, to our steak and ale pies that have Cumberland ale in the recipe! Our fish is battered to order and all our sauces are made from scratch , no carton sauces here.

We are passionate about every meal we served be it our excellent value pub classic meals or our Lancashire food recipes.

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We cater well for Ceoliacs as non of our cooking involves wheat or corn flour, we use rice flour for our soups, gravy s etc. which means that unless a dish has bread, a pie lid or a Yorkshire pudding then it is gluten free. As we do not use flour at all this also means that as much as possible the kitchen environment is not subject to airborne contaminants.

Nut allergies are more difficult but the only nuts in our dishes are in pre prepared desserts and again therefore not subject to airborne contaminants.

Vegan is as issue and although we do fully support choices we are not always able to provide such. As a business we cater for the highest customer preferences and as that changes we will keep people informed. We do always have vegan options on hand.

Plastics, waste and recycling. Very important to us and we are doing as much as we can moving forward. this Christmas we used no disposable table decorations including crackers as it just seemed crackers to do so. It is not about saving money as any saving was negligible. What actually happened is that we did not use about 1300 non recyclable crackers, they are not useful, create waste ( about 600 liters and a cost to remove and then end up in landfill. This is a long and never ending journey but as viable products become available we will stock where we can. We are also looking at our own waste disposal and landfill and within 12 months aim to fully recycle 85% of all that we use and wholly separate before collection all other waste so that it does not just get  dumped somewhere after leaving us. We are not able to change the world and our customers will support us as long as it does not become too expensive for them but anything we can actively and morally do we will.

The Robin Hood Family Pub

We love talking food and ingredients and you will see from our menu that we keep things simple but delightful with every food element crafted for you to enjoy. Our specials board may have a few wilder combinations and these are subject to local supply conditions

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