Steak & Ale Pie Now available

slow cooked beef in ale topped with a pastry lid.

available as hot or chilled

New Deal - do not go out if you do not need to

We are now delivering 6 of our regular meals plus 2 bottles of wine for £42.

You can have as many deliveries as you like, we will take care of it. Delivering 3 days a week - Tuesday - Thursday and Saturday. 


Food can be chilled or frozen and of course is always made from fresh ingredients.

Frozen Meals now available

We can deliver 1 tray meals for people to heat and eat at home. Do you have somebody you want to order these for so you know they are eating? 

Defrost meal, cook and take out the next days meals to defrost. This can be done in the fridge. 

The whole meal in one tray, roughly 25 minutes in a 160 degree farenheit oven.

Meals are hearty and made with fresh ingredients, £5 each or 10 delivered for £42. We can deliver these to people who need them and cannot get out

Opening Hours

Thursdays 4pm - 8pm

Fridays 4pm - 8pm

Saturdays 4pm - 8pm

Sundays 12 - 7pm

Serving HOT eat now food or chilled meals to heat up at your home when you are ready. New range of frozen one tray meals now available

Thursdays and Fridays 2 meals and a bottle of wine £20! (delivery only)

Delivery Days - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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